GYEON Polishing System

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The perfect finish of your vehicle comes with your paint correction skills.

You want to improve or learn new polishing techniques? It doesn’t matter if you are Rotary, DA or you never touched a polishing machine before, our technicians will teach you our complete system for correcting the paint of your vehicle like a pro. It will cover all various types of paint, polishing techniques and required lighting along with our Q²M Polishing system.

A technique is nothing without practice but also theory regarding abrasives - during this program, you’ll understand their chemical difference and their optimal usage.

This course is available for professional and enthusiast for 1 day or more. Open to everybody - no proof of detailing profession required.

Program: Theory - Paint preparation - Paint Assessment - Products choices - Polishing techniques & Machines choices - Paint inspection & Lighting

Available in: English, French, Italian, Dutch, German

  • Begin 9:00 am 
  • Duration approx. 8 hours
  • Max. 4 participants
  • Soft drinks and lunch included
  • Distance rules are observed - disinfection is guaranteed
  • Each participant receives a certificate

Part 1: Theory

Part 2:

  • Paint preparation 
  • Paint Assessment
  • Products choices 
  • Polishing techniques & Machines choices 
  • Paint inspection & Lighting

Location of the training is the GEC in Cologne:

GYEON Experience Center
Vietorstr. 87
51103 Cologne

Click here for Google directions.

B&B Hotel Cologne-Messe - link here.
Gummersbacher Str. 6
50679 Cologne
Phone: 0049 221 802720

Hotel Leonardo - link here.
Waldecker Str. 15
51105 Cologne
Phone: 0049 221 67090

Both typical bed and breakfast hotels nearby (approx. 500m) the GEC. Overnight stay in a single room starting from 50€, possibly different during trade fair days.

This course includes a theoretical part as well as the practical application of products, the use of polishing machines and correct ways at the wash place. Appropriate work clothing is therefore advisable. A ladies/men's dressing room is available. We provide necessary protective wear and disinfectants.

duration: 1 day
max paticipant: 4 person